Planning an Event?


Host an event for larger groups with the help of our accommodating team. Just put on the VR headset, strap into the backpack and pick up the controller. You and your friends are about to be transported into the virtual world.

Not to mention, we are surrounded by some of the best eats in Dallas. Bring your entire group to enjoy our wireless connectivity, air conditioning and an experience you will never forget! 

For scheduling & event customization, please, give us a call at the store or reach out to:  

Perfect For Family, Friends And Office Parties

Zero Latency is the perfect place for office parties, birthday parties, family/friend fun, date night or anything else you can plan.

We offer the one and only free roam VR PVP game mode; Sol Raiders. Go up against another team in a friendly competition or strategize to dominate!

up to 8 players per experience

We are able to accommodate up to 8 players per experience. Zero Latency is VR on a scale you need to see to believe. You and your group will literally travel hundreds of meters in a completely different reality.